Information Assurance 

With years of security experience, our trainers and analysts are experts in:

- Network Defense

- Information Assurance Policies

- Tools & Techniques For Securing Online Data

- Communication Security

- Wireless Security 


information assurance


signals intelligence

Intelligence Analysis  

Our Staff has an expertise within the military intelligence field, capable of:

- Gathering, exploiting, and performing analysis on valuable data related to National Security 

- Determining and documenting requirements for mission critical counter intelligence tools and databases

- Geo-Location Operations within the SIGINT Terminal Guidance methodologies    

IT Consulting 

Black Viper Technologies also offers consulting in the following areas:

- Project Management

- Military Intelligence Tactics

- Training & Educational Strategies   

- Business Development

- Systems Development, Installation & Maintenance   





Technical Writing

Our technical writers are capable of documenting the best:

- Standard Operating Procedures (SOP's)


- Quick-Start Guides

- User Manuals

- Workflow Diagrams


Our talented team of instructors are experts in providing:

- Classroom Training

- Side-Saddle Training

- E-learning/CBT Course Creation & Maintenance

- Video Based Training

- Exercise Support To 24/7-365 Days A Year Operations Centers.